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"The Triple Crown Open Water Challenge is the Ultimate Test of Endurance"

For Team True Spirit & The Pinder Trust.

Three mountains overlooking a lake

This year I aim to complete the Triple Crown challenge by swimming lakes Coniston, Windermere & Ullswater along the way I want to raise funds and awareness for two charities.

The Triple Crown Challenge: Ultimate Test of Endurance

This challenge has been on my mind for quite sometime, and now it's time to turn those thoughts into action! Although I have swum all these events in the past, I have never completed them in the same year or so close together - this is going to be an ultimate test of endurance.

Training sessions, mental preparation, sorting out my diet, and getting into a shape other than round has brought me this far. I now need your help and support to keep me motivated.

I'm raising funds, awareness and support for two charities with punch well above their weight.

Sat 22nd June 2024: Chillswim Coniston 5.25 Miles End to End

  • One of the classic open-water swim events in the UK is swimming 5.25 miles of Coniston from the southern end to finish at Monk Coniston.

Sat 27th June 2024: Chillswim Windermere 11 Miles End to End

  • I aim to swim the longest lake in the country. Although this will be my third time attempting to swim Windermere, it will still be a significant challenge.

Sat 13th July 2024: Chillswim Ullswater 7.5 Miles End to End

  • Swimming Ullswater Lake is an incredible challenge for any open-water swimmer. I start at Jenkins Field in Glenridding and swim 7.5 miles of Ullswater to Pooley Bridge.

The Charities:

TTS is a charity which has helped me so much over the years. As a result of their continued support, I have participated in several endurance events. As a TTS member, I completed the Cotswolds Middle Distance Triathlon, which was a very proud day. I've also entered this event as a relay team member, taking on the first leg in the water. I have also swum the Chillswim series Windermere, Coniston and Ullswater.

Being a TTS member is life-changing; one of the best aspects is the diverse community of this fantastic charity. Of course, the main aim is to get wounded, injured, and sick veterans back into endurance events.

However, you can become a TTS member in several ways. Entering the events and supporting the beneficiaries on the course is a popular way of getting involved. Helping veterans before, during and after the event is essential on event day; all our veterans very much appreciate these supporters.


  • A UK-registered charity that helps British military veterans, injured or made ill serving our country, uncover determination, defiance, and cast iron motivation to achieve their goal of crossing the finish line of an endurance sports event.

  • Many of our team members have struggled to deal with their injuries. They have battled with the subsequent long-term physical and mental health problems and the challenge of adjusting to a life utterly unknown to them before, as have their families trying to support them.

Charity number: 1196486

Serving as a trustee for The Pinder Trust has been a rewarding experience. Witnessing the transformative impact of our grants in enabling individuals with disabilities to engage in water-based activities has been genuinely inspiring.

The joy these activities bring to people's lives is immeasurable, and it's a privilege to play a small part in making it possible.

I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful cause and to collaborate with a dedicated team of individuals who share the same passion and commitment.

Supporting Disabled People Access Water.

  • The Pinder Trust is primarily a grant-giving charity to help the disabled access pool-based aquatic physiotherapy. Recently, the trust has broadened its scope by funding projects supporting water access for a diverse group outside of aquatic physiotherapy.

Charity number: 256519

This event is going to be an ultimate test of endurance, any support you can give me would be truly appreciated.


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