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Embracing Resilience: Shifting My Perspective

resilience, perspective

After receiving life-changing injuries that landed me in a hospital bed, I confronted a profound question: "Why me?"

This sentence would roll around my head until a logical shift occurred. My pondering soon came to a simple conclusion.

"Why not me?"

This simple change in my perspective sparked a mindset that would become instrumental in my recovery and rehabilitation.

Instead of succumbing to the weight of self-pity, I chose resilience, taking ownership of my circumstances and embracing the challenges that life had thrown my way. I won't lie and say it was all plain sailing; it wasn't. But this one sentence changed everything.

This mindset empowered me to rise above adversity, viewing this experience as an opportunity for growth and strength.

It became a mantra guiding me through gruelling physical therapy sessions, painful surgical treatments, and the emotional roller-coaster that often accompanies such life-altering events.

This shift in perspective allowed me to cultivate my determination to 'move on' despite the circumstances I found myself in.

Through embracing resilience and taking ownership of my journey, I turned the 'why me' into a resounding 'why not me'; it helped me move on and take ownership of my life.

resilience, perspective

I would be interested to learn if this article has helped you and to hear your stories of resilience and perspective. Feel free to leave your thoughts, links to articles in the comments below.

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