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Navigating the Path to Better Men's Health: The Importance of Regular Check-ups.

Navigating the Path to Better Men's Health: The Importance of Regular Check-ups.

Since receiving life-changing injuries, I've become more interested in my general health and well-being. 

I was a combat medic, so my interest in health was already there, but with a more general understanding of anatomy and physiology. After leaving the military, I volunteered to participate in a research program called the ADVANCE Study; this twenty-year study examines the long-term effects of combat-related injuries.

I had an inclining that my overall health wasn't where it should be; in particular, my hormone levels weren't where they should be for someone of my age. Also, I had some adverse results from the ADVANCE Study. I decided to take a closer look and get expert advice. After researching online and receiving positive recommendations, I contacted The Men's Health Clinic near Poole in Dorset. I had a telephone consultation and then an in-person appointment at their clinic on the south coast. 

You can't just book an appointment at the Men's Health Clinic; there are several obstacles to navigate before getting treatment if you need it. Firstly, I had to get my hormone levels checked. I had two tests completed before being offered a consultation at the clinic. There is a waiting list for an appointment, but I wasn't bothered by the delay as it was still much quicker than being seen by the NHS.

My appointment went well; I had a few more examinations completed to satisfy the doctor that I was a good candidate for treatment —my morning ended with a treatment package to support me over the next three months. 

Why am I telling you all this? 

Well, us blokes are not good at looking after our long-term health. I hope this article permits you to get yourself checked out. 

It's not just our hormone levels which we need to monitor regularly. Be smart and get your overall health looked at sooner rather than later. Many companies offer different services, which include getting your blood checked out; you can research this online.

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